Hibiki 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky 43% ABV 700ml


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One 700ml bottle of Hibiki 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky

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One 700ml bottle of Hibiki 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky.

Discontinued line.

The Hibiki 12 Years Old whisky is a meticulous blend of over thirty of the finest single malts from Suntory's two distilleries, Yamazaki and Hakushu, and grain whisky from their Chita distillery, most with an age of well over 12 years.

Created in 1989, Suntory artisans perfect this harmonious blend to create a full symphony of delicate flavours and blossom aromas. The design of the bottle symbolises the 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar.

In 2019, Suntory Whisky announced the Hibiki 12 Years Old would be discontinued making this scarce bottle a rare collector's item.

The Epitome of Japanese Whisky Elegance - a highly acclaimed and rare whisky, the Hibiki 12 year old is a blend of single malts and grain whisky from the Yamazaki (Japan’s oldest founded in 1923), Hakushu and Chita distilleries.

Volume - 700ml, 43% alcohol

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