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Welcome to Whisky Archives Tasmania (formerly Whisky Auctions Tasmania), your premier online marketplace for buying and selling exceptional whiskies. As a Tasmanian company, we specialize in facilitating the sale of whisky from personal collections, offering a straightforward and secure platform for whisky enthusiasts to acquire and divest rare, unique, and premium bottles.

Our focus is on providing the finest Australian whiskies, as well as a curated selection of top-tier international whiskies. Whether you are looking to refine your collection or discover new remarkable drams, browse our current auction to find exceptional whiskies that cater to both collectors and connoisseurs alike.

At Whisky Archives Tasmania, we are dedicated to bringing you an exclusive selection of the finest whiskies, available at set prices. Our collection spans rare and exceptional spirits from Tasmania, renowned for its distinctive and high-quality whiskies, as well as prestigious labels from around the globe. Each bottle in our catalog has been carefully selected to ensure it represents the best in its category, perfect for enhancing any whisky collection or enjoying on special occasions.

We understand the importance of transparency and ease in the purchasing process. That’s why we’ve streamlined our platform to make it simple for enthusiasts to buy premium whiskies at a fixed price, without the unpredictability of auctions. This direct approach not only makes it straightforward for buyers to add to their collections but also allows sellers to find appreciative homes for their whiskies with efficiency and certainty.

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