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WAT (Whisky Auctions Tasmania) is a secure online platform for buying and selling rare, unique and premium whisky. Based in Tasmania, Australia, we are delighted to be able to share our passion for whisky with those who have a love for drinking and collecting it.

We auction the finest Australian whisky, along with other premier whiskies from around-the-world.

So feel free to browse our current auction, to find some fantastic drams.

Todd Morrison

Todd Morrison

Chief Whisky Expert

Born and raised in the south of Tasmania, Todd returned to “Tassie” after a dozen years of living abroad to find the local spirit industry booming. He quickly caught the whisky bug and plans were made to open an independent retail store in Hobart specialising in whisky. Destination Cellars will turn seven years old this year, and it has been involved in helping to launch the majority of local whisky brands, as well as engaging in live events with some of the biggest brands in the world. When he started in the retail industry there were only three local distilleries producing whisky, with that number blooming to over eighty in 2022, the future is looking bright for this burgeoning industry. The genesis of this auction site arose a few years ago from a plethora of people asking to sell bottles through the shop on consignment

Tom Holder

Tom Holder

Tech & Marketing

A born and bred Tasmanian. Tom returned to Tassie in 2008 after living interstate and abroad for a decade. He began working for The New Zealand Whisky Collection from its inception in 2010. Spending 10 years in the business, handling everything from production planning, brand management, digital marketing and exports. Over the years, Tom has worked with other Tasmanian distilleries such as Lark, Sullivan’s Cove, Fanny’s Bay, Launceston Distillery, and Overeem on tech and design projects. When not behind his desk, you may find Tom pounding the pavements around Rosny to reduce his 5k time, or at skateparks with his kids around Hobart.

Troy Trewin

Troy Trewin

Business Development

Since 2011 Troy has been managing and growing whisky businesses in Australia and New Zealand, as CEO of three separate and well-respected brands: LarkOvereem and The New Zealand Whisky Collection.

In mid-2019 Troy joined the Advisory Board of Old Young’s Distillery in Western Australia, which also operates Old Young’s KitchenGingin Gin and Juniper Society online gin subscription. In recent years he has been advising more than 10 other up-and-coming distilleries, or those already in a fast-growth phase.

Troy lovess helping distillery founders grasp the true economics and realities of growing a spirit business from nothing, or with limited capital, to something of meaning in the industry and great value. To help more potential Australian distillers, he co-founded The Distillers Institute in early 2020. They now have almost 400 students undertaking one of their courses.

Since early 2017 Troy has been the Chairperson of fast-growing, and the second largest craft brewer in Tasmania, Hobart Brewing Co.

His passions in life outside of whisky and business include cooking, hiking, travel and bushwalking with his chocolate labrador Carlton supporter.