How To Sell Whisky

Selling Your Whisky With Whisky Archives Tasmania

At Whisky Archives Tasmania, we understand the value and significance of each bottle in your collection. Our platform offers a streamlined and transparent process for connecting sellers with serious whisky enthusiasts eager to expand their collections. Here’s a guide to help you through the selling process:

Step 1: Submit Your Seller Form

Begin by completing the seller form below. Provide detailed information about the whisky you wish to sell, including its name, age, abv, volume and condition (you can view a condition guide here). This initial step is crucial for us to assess and approve your submission for listing.

Step 2: Shipping Your Bottles to Us

After your bottle has been accepted for listing, you are responsible for shipping it to us. The cost of shipping is borne by the seller. We recommend packing your bottles carefully to prevent any damage during transit.

Step 3:  Setup Fee

A setup fee of $5 per bottle is required. This fee covers the costs associated with listing your bottle on our platform, including administrative and operational expenses. This will be invoiced seperately once we approve the bottle for listing. Your bottle will not be listed until this is paid.

Understanding Pricing and Fees

When listing your whisky, you will specify a “Wanted Price.” This is the net amount you aim to receive from the sale, exclusive of any additional fees or charges. Please note:

  • Wanted Price: The amount you, as the seller, want to receive. This figure is not visible to buyers.
  • Buyer’s Premium (15%): This fee is added on top of your Wanted Price to cover our service and facilitation costs.
  • Insurance (2.5%): Ensures your whisky is protected until it reaches the buyer.
  • Shipping: A standard fee to cover the cost of delivering the whisky to the buyer.

The price displayed to buyers on our shop includes all these fees, ensuring a transparent and all-inclusive final price with no additional costs.

For example, if your Wanted Price is $1,000.00, here is how the pricing would be structured:

  • Wanted Price (your net): $1,000.00
  • Total Including Buyer’s Premium, Insurance, and Shipping: $1,200.00

This all-inclusive price is what buyers see and pay, ensuring a straightforward and seamless transaction process.

If Your Bottle Doesn’t Sell

Should your whisky not find a buyer, we will discuss the available options with you, including the possibility of returning your bottle. Return shipping will be at the seller’s expense, ensuring you retain full control over your valuable whisky throughout the process. There is no time limit on how long we can keep the bottle listed.

Ready to Partner With Us?

Whisky Archives Tasmania is dedicated to offering a distinguished platform for selling your premium whisky. Fill out the seller form below to embark on this journey with us. Together, we can ensure your exquisite whisky finds a place in the collections of enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the world.

Seller Form

Provide detailed information about the whisky you wish to sell, including its name, age, abv, volume and condition. This initial step is crucial for us to assess and approve your submission for listing.


Bank Details

This is the account you would like your funds paid into if your bottle(s) sell.

List your whisky(s)

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    Understanding Whisky Bottle Condition Ratings:
    A Guide for Collectors

    • Mint (M): The bottle is in perfect condition, with no signs of wear. The label, cap/seal, and packaging (if applicable) are all intact and pristine. This condition suggests the bottle has been stored in ideal conditions and has not been handled or opened.
    • Near Mint (NM): The bottle shows minimal signs of wear or aging. There may be very slight imperfections in the label or cap, but overall, it looks almost new. The packaging is in excellent condition with only minor signs of wear.
    • Excellent (EX): The bottle is in great condition with some signs of handling or aging. The label and cap may show slight imperfections or signs of wear. The packaging is still in good shape but may have more noticeable marks or signs of wear.
    • Very Good (VG): The bottle shows moderate signs of wear. Labels, cap, and packaging might have visible marks, light fading, or minor damage. Despite this, the bottle’s overall integrity is good, and the contents are considered to be in good shape.
    • Good (G): The bottle has clear signs of wear and handling. Labels may be faded, torn, or marked. Caps may show signs of damage or aging. The packaging could be damaged or missing. The bottle itself is intact, but its presentation is compromised.
    • Fair (F): The bottle is in a significantly worn condition. Labels might be heavily damaged or partially missing. The cap and packaging may be in poor shape, affecting the overall presentation. The condition suggests that the bottle has not been ideally stored or handled.
    • Poor (P): The bottle is in bad condition, with severe wear or damage to the label, cap, and possibly to the bottle itself. Packaging, if present, is likely heavily damaged or absent. This rating indicates that the bottle has been poorly stored, handled, and is not suitable for a collector unless it is extremely rare.