Heartwood Vat Out of Hell Tasmanian Vatted Malt Whisky 67.4% ABV 700ml

Vat Out of Hell is an earlier and rare 700ml high octane vatting from two of Tasmania’s most iconic distilleries; a combination of two very tantalising Tasmanian casks. LD446, a 10 year old Lark Sherry Barrel and HH0040, a 13 year old Tasmanian Distillery Bourbon Barrel (now Sullivans Cove). Carrying “Just a bit” of peat influence this outstanding marriage of casks is said to be one of Tim’s finest moments.

This bottle is signed. No 7. of 320 bottles made.

HH0040 was distilled in November 1999 and LD446 was distilled in March 2003.

Bottled at a very healthy 67.4% abv and 700ml.

Bottle is in excellent condition

Bottle is in excellent condition

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