Become a Seller

So, you want to sell some whisky?

Our process is fast, secure and you pay, as an introductory offer, no commissions!

The only fees we charge are a $4 listing fee and a $9 reserve fee per bottle (if you place it on reserve). We charge $25 postage and handling fee per bottle, to ship your bottle(s) back to you if it doesn’t sell, and you don’t want to list it in the next auction. If you want us to insure the bottle(s) on their return, there is a 2.5% fee on the value you place on the bottle(s).

Here are the seven quick steps to take:

  1. You register as a Member on our site,
  2. You add your bottles(s) to be listed in the next auction;
  3. We will approve the bottles and contact you via email;
  4. You Express Post us your bottle(s) for auction, or drop them in at our Hobart location;
  5. We physically inspect and verify the authenticity of each bottle before accepting it for auction;  and
  6. When your bottle(s) is won by a bidder, the BUYER has five business days to send payment to your nominated bank account.

That’s it! Pretty smooth and simple.

If the bottle(s) don’t sell, you can choose for us to keep and list them in the next auction, or be shipped back to you.

Please note: we reserve the right to not accept any bottles we deem unfit for auction.

Seller FAQs

Can I set a reserve?

Absolutely. The minimum reserve price is $150. A reserve price cannot exceed its recommended retail price if it is still available in retail outlets.

Otherwise, the reserve price is up to you.

Do I need to write a description of my bottle(s)?

Please do, when you enter details of your bottle in the Sellers Dashboard. The more detail about your bottle(s) in the ‘product description’ section, the more it helps us refine your listing.

Do I need to take photos of my bottle(s)?

Yes. Although we take professional shots of each bottle listed in our auction, we do ask that you submit your bottles with a photo.

Can I change my bottle description, reserve price and other details once an auction opens?

Unfortunately not, once an auction is live the listing cannot be changed.

Can I bid on bottles in the auction?

Yes you can, just not your own bottles.

Can I bid on my own bottle(s)?

No, absolutely not. Our system is set up so your account will not let you bid on your own bottle(s).

How long before an auction will you accept bottles?

We need a bottle delivered to us two weeks before an auction opens. If you miss that deadline you can choose to have the bottle(s) shipped back to you at your expense.

Where can I drop or ship my bottle(s) to?

We will advise the shipping address once you lodge your products. You can also opt to drop them off – this is via appointment only and we will advise the Hobart based location via email.

As shipping your bottle(s) to us is at your own risk, if you mail them we recommend you insure your bottle(s) – which is easy with Australia Post – and pay for signing ($2.95 at Australia Post).

What are the costs to me?

The only costs you incur, are:

  • $4 listing fee per bottle
  • $9 reserve fee per bottle (if you place it on reserve)
  • If your bottle(s) don’t sell and you want it returned:
    • $25 shipping and handling fee per bottle
    • 2.5% insurance fee (on the value you choose to place on each bottle)
    • You will need to organise and incur any postage and insurance costs to get the bottle(s) to us.

Do I need to insure my bottle(s) in transit?

No, this is optional. We recommend you do organise insurance when shipping your bottle(s) to us. If we are returning a bottle to you, we charge a 2.5% fee based on the value you place on the bottle(s).


What if I have other questions?

Please email a[email protected] if you have any other questions or need support.