Become a Buyer

If you’re a lover of whisky, you’ve come to the right spot.

Here are the quick steps to take:

  1. You register as a Member on our site
  2. You will be required to add a credit card when you sign-up
  3. Upon winning an auctioned bottle, your stored credit card will be charged automatically the hammer price plus 10% buyer’s premium.
  4. You will also be sent an email with a payment link for the shipping and insurance.
  5. You must make payment within five business days, otherwise the bottle is offered the bidder who placed second;
  6. We ship your bottle to you via Express Post, the business day after payment is confirmed by the Seller.

If you have the winning bid on a bottle, here are the fees we charge you on top of the price you successfully bid with:

  • 10% commission, of the final bid price;
  • 2.5% insurance during shipping; and
  • $25 shipping and handling fee.

If you fail to make payment on your winning bid within five business days, we charge a 3% fee.

Bidding In Auctions

You can follow any auction bottle without placing a bid, by using the Watchlist feature (only available to registered users). You will receive an email notification when the auction is in the last hour, to allow you to make a bid.

Bidding Increments

The increments are based on the reseve of the item or the current highest bid (which ever is more):

  • Up to $100: increments are $5
  • $101 to $250: increments are $10
  • $251 to $500: increments are $15
  • $501 to $1,000: increments are $20
  • $1,001 to $2,000: increments are $50
  • $2,001 to $5,000: increments are $100
  • $5,001 to $10,000: increments are $200
  • $10,001 to $50,000: increments are $500
  • $50,000 upwards: increments are $1,000

To prevent sniping, auctions are extended by a further 20 minutes if a bid is placed 10 minutes before an auction ends.

We have disable auto bidding for the next auction, so whatever you bid, will be displayed.

Buyer FAQs


How long after a winning bid will I receive my bottle?

We ship the bottle to you by Express Post, the business day after the Seller confirms you have made payment to them. You should receive the bottle in one business day after we ship, another day or two longer if you are in a regional area.

What happens if a bottle has a reserve and it is not reached?

The bottle will not sell. The owner may choose to list it in the next auction, or have it shipped back to them.

How will I know if my bid has exceeded the reserve price?

If you put in a bid that exceeds the reserve, the message on that bottle will change to ‘Reserve price has been met.’ and be shown in green.

If you’re outbid, you will receive an email informing you – giving you the chance to increase your bid and stay in the auction.

Can I follow an auction even if I am not bidding?

Registered users can follow an auction without actually placing a bid. You will receive an email before bidding closes to give you an opportunity to enter.
Once you have placed a bid, you can view how your bid(s) is going at ‘My Account> Auctions’.

What if I have other questions?

Please email admin@wat.net.au if you have any other questions or need support.